Female boxer fights off would-be robber

  Brazil: Amazon fires raging at record rate

  Is it a bird? Or a Bunny?

This video is confusing the internet - is this critter a bird or a bunny?

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  Calif. campus murder suspect arrested

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  Teen spends summer on a ventilator after vaping

The CDC is investigating cases like this and their possible connection to e-cigarette use.

  Wisconsin visitors caught riding scooters on interstate

Milwaukee authorities pull over three men who are riding scooters on a highway because they say that's what their GPS told them to do.

  Interim DHS official said 'loophole' closing in immigrant custody

Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan said the changes are necessary to discourage immigrants from coming to the U.S.

  Sign language interpreter steals rapper's thunder

A lightning-fast sign language interpreter steals the show from a hip-hop star.

  Bogus CPS agents tried to take boy, mom said

A woman and a man came to a woman's home and tried to take her son into protective custody.

  Pilot loses power, lands in ocean - on camera

  Shoplifting scam allegedly earned man more than $1 million

  Trump cools on gun background check expansion

After the recent mass shootings, President Donald Trump frequently and publicly supported new background check legislation, but sources say the president has be

  Trump calls Democratic Jews uninformed or disloyal

Trump's claim triggered a quick uproar from critics who said the president was trading in anti-Semitic stereotypes.

  Trump cancels planned trip to Denmark

  Skunk sprays Mass. police officer who saved it

  Trump says he supports new gun control measures

  Time capsule was opened after 50 years; It was empty

  Florida nurses file complaint after they allege they were forbidden to speak Spanish at work

They said they were hired because they could speak Spanish.

  BREAKING: Reports of armed intruder on LSU's campus

There are reports of an armed intruder on LSU's campus.

  Massive gator spotted taking stroll near Wilmington overpass

Massive gator spotted taking stroll near Wilmington overpass