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  Marion County continues preparation for Pearl River flooding

  6pm Headlines 2/19/2020

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  Midday Headlines 2/19

  Burger King features moldy Whopper in new ad

Burger King features a moldy Whopper in its unconventional ad campaign for its new preservative-free Whopper.

  6 a.m. Sunrise Headlines 2/19

  Rep. Guest speaks at Covington County Chamber meeting

  10pm Headlines 2/18/2020

  Hard Rock Inspectors

  Pearl River County residents keep close eye on river

While flooding on the Pearl River continues in Jackson, those who live downstream are waiting and preparing for those floodwaters to head south.

  Marion County families prepare for potential flooding

  Laurel commits $4.5 million for recreation improvements

  6pm Headlines 2/18/2020

  5 p.m. Headlines 2/18

  WCU hosts Educators Rising Leadership Meeting for first time

  Officials hold press conference to provide updates on death of Faye Swetlik

Little Faye disappeared from the front yard of her Cayce, South Carolina home Feb. 10. Her body was found three days later, launching a homicide investigation.

  Midday Interview - Myself Empowered LLC Grand Opening

  Midday Headlines 2/18

  Puppies saved from rising flood water

  Sunrise Headlines 2/18

  Police investigating after Facebook post shows doll hanging off beaded noose

A Facebook post on Sunday described a young girl who received a black doll with a beaded noose around its neck at the Krewe of Nereids parade.

  5 p.m. Headlines

  Monitoring Pearl River in Marion County

  6pm Headlines 2/12/2020