Grim COVID forecast: Nearly 300,000 could die in US

  Trump: Biden wants to 'hurt God'

  Mental health issues rise in kids

One child psychologist says he's seeing a significant increase in mental health issues among children.

  Dr. Fauci warns coronavirus won't be eradicated

  COVID-19 concerns mount as school year begins

  Millennials buying homes during pandemic

Some in real estate say the coronavirus is pushing younger homebuyers out of the city and into their first homes.

  Moderna to price COVID-19 vaccine under $40

  Moderna expected to price COVID-19 vaccine under $40

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The homeless are among the most vulnerable people in the U.S. in the pandemic.

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Some parents are forming "learning pods" to teach their kids during the coronavirus pandemic.

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The Wichts say they’re overwhelmed by the interest from the community since they had to navigate opening their business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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