6pm Headlines 6/1/2020

  Midday Headlines 6/1

  5 p.m. Headlines 6/1

  North Carolina Parks and Recreation Department throws surprise character parade

Asheville Parks and Rec employees hold a surprise parade in the middle of a pandemic.

  Semi goes into crowd on Minneapolis highway

  Pope Francis returns to St. Peter's Square

Pope Francis has returned to St. Peter's Square after months of lockdown amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

  6 a.m. Sunrise Headlines 6/1

  MSU Ph. D student researches COVID-19 awareness during severe weather

A Ph.D student at MSU created a survey to see how the people prepare for severe weather despite COVID-19.

  Confederate Monument vandalized at Ole Miss

  10pm headlines 5/30/2020

  Covington Co. Sheriff’s Dept. develops new website

Covington County residents can learn more about their sheriff’s department by logging on to a brand new website.

  6pm Headlines 5/30/2020


  USM's Karley Nichols making most of her musical chops

  Karley Nichols

  Senior Spotlight - Greene County Wildcats

  Senior Spotlight - Magee Trojans

  Senior Spotlight - Collins Tigers

  Senior Spotlight - Sacred Heart Crusaders