Editorial: Don't Drink and Drive




It is a tradition that during this time of year around the holiday season people get together and celebrate Christmas and the dawning of the New Year.  For some the celebrating includes imbibing--and all too often--over-indulging and abusing alcohol.  Mental health experts tell us that this is also a time of year when many become depressed or anxious for various reasons.  Some people afflicted in this way seek to dull their pain with alcohol as well.

What people do in the privacy of their home, or the homes of friends, is their business.  Unfortunately, many happy holidays for countless people over the years have become times of tragedy and reminders of grief because someone who had downed one too many got behind the wheel of a vehicle and, because of their condition, killed or critically injured one or more innocent victims.  We broadcasters have been asked to help lead the crusade to keep people from drinking and driving this holiday season.

It is always a terrible idea, and should never been done.  This time of year it is all the more prevalent and we appeal to you not to get behind the wheel, or let a friend get behind the wheel after drinking.  Remember, it is a crime for a reason.  We wish you and yours a safe and happy Christmas and New Year, free from the potentially lethal mix of alcohol and driving.

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