Testimony expected to wrap up this week in Seale trial

Prosecutors expect to wrap up their case

early this week in the federal kidnapping and conspiracy trial of

reputed Ku Klux Klansman James Ford Seale.

Seale's lawyers say the 71-year-old former crop duster will not

testify in his own defense.

He has pleaded not guilty to taking part in the deadly attacks

on two black teenagers, Henry Hezekiah Dee and Charles Eddie Moore,

in southwest Mississippi on May 2, 1964.

Seale faces up to life in prison if convicted of kidnapping and


Confessed Klansman Charles Marcus Edwards testified this past

week that he and Seale took part in abducting the 19-year-olds in


Edwards, a longtime friend of Seale's, was granted immunity from


He testified that Seale pointed a sawed-off shotgun at Dee and

Moore while Klansmen beat them.

Edwards also says that Seale talked weeks later about helping

dump the young men in a Mississippi River backwater south of

Vicksburg .

Defense attorney Kathy Nester repeatedly challenged statements

Edwards had given to law enforcement officers and in news accounts

over the past four decades.

She told the court -- quoting here -- Frankly, every time he has

ever told this story, he has told it differently.

Defense attorneys say that for Seale to be convicted for

kidnapping, prosecutors must convince jurors that Dee and Moore

were alive when they were taken into Louisiana.

Tomorrow (Monday) will mark the sixth day of testimony.