Covington supervisors try to heal fracture

The Covington County Board of Supervisors met Friday in an effort to bring an end to controversy surrounding them and Covington County Hospital's board of trustees and some hospital officials.

The controversy has resulted in two nurses being fired for allegedly disagreeing with the trustees.

Much of the controversy surrounds a yet-to-be-opened nursing home attached to the hospital. Some officials favor operating the two facilities with two administrators, while others say only one administrator is needed.

The supervisors' financial advisor warns that if budgetary and administrative problems are not corrected soon, it could ruin both medical facilities.

Meanwhile some are supporting the idea of forming an independent committee to look into the various issues.

"Let's form a biracial committee across this county, let's get to the issues and we come back and report to the board of supervisors and to the hospital trustee board and we can solve this thing," said Lee Barnes.

A court hearing on the lawsuit filed by the two fired nurses against the board of trustees and hospital administrators has been rescheduled for June 8.