Louisiana/Arkansas Soldiers Training for Terror War at Camp Shelby

Army National Guard and Reserve soldiers from across the U.S. are continuing to train at Camp Shelby for deployment to the War on Terror.

Most troops these days are taking part in what's called "Situational Awareness Training" and it's an activity that Specialist John Coleman of the Arkansas National Guard knows well.

He underwent this same type of training once before at Fort Hood, Texas, before serving a year in Iraq.

Now he's going through it all over again at Camp Shelby.

Coleman, who normally works as a hospital security guard, has volunteered for a second deployment to that country, as part of the 2/142nd Field Artillery.

"I like to do it, I like to be over there," said Coleman, who originally served in Iraq with the 39th Infantry Brigade from Arkansas.  "I'm going back again and hopefully, I make it back safely," Coleman said.

Other soliders are much less familiar with this type of training...and in a few cases, some are still becoming familiar with being a soldier.

Take Specialist Brett Cavaliere for example.  He just graduated from high school in Louisiana last May.

"I'm looking forward to it, I'm kind of anxious to get over there, new experiences, experience something I've never done before," said Cavaliere, who's a member of the 1190th Deployment Support Brigade from the Baton Rouge area.

"So, go do my time and then come back home," Cavaliere said.

Cavaliere and about 50 other soldiers in the 1190th have just begun their training at Camp Shelby.

In early March, they'll depart for a one-year deployment to the Middle East.

Other soldiers are also about to begin training for the War on Terror at Camp Shelby.

Beginning next Friday, thousands of soldiers from South Carolina's 218th Brigade Combat Team will arrive at the post to begin three months of training before being deployed to Afghanistan.