Late W.C.U. President Honored at GMAC Bowl

The late president of William Carey University has been honored at the GMAC Bowl in Mobile.

Dr. Larry Kennedy received one of seven Champions of Life awards during a Mayor's Dinner at the Mobile Convention Center last evening.

The awards are presented to individuals who have achieved great success in their fields and have given much to their community and country.

Kennedy, who died of Lou Gehrig's Disease last September, served as president of the university for eight years.

His widow, Sarah Johnson Kennedy, accepted the award.

"Well, this is a great award because it's a lifetime achievement award for my husband and he lived such a wonderful life, even though we miss him so greatly and he died at the age of 64, he was able to accomplish so much and I'm just so grateful to the GMAC people for honoring him and what he did during the eight years that he was president at William Carey University and I just want you to know that he was, in addition to being such a leader, a wonderful father and a great husband," Mrs. Kennedy said.

During Dr. Kennedy's tenure, the university doubled its enrollment and became debt-free.