Day 4: Friends of Katherine Sinclair take the stand

Day 4: Friends of Katherine Sinclair take the stand

FRANKLIN COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The manslaughter trial of Gregory Burroughs moved into its fourth day Thursday in Franklin County.

WDAM cameras were in the courtroom as testimony from a lieutenant with the Laurel Police Department unfolded.

Lt. Shannon Caraway was the shift supervisor on the scene the night Katherine Sinclair was shot. Caraway's body camera footage from that night was on display for the court to see.

In the video, Caraway and Burroughs interact several times. At one point, the video shows Burroughs break down in tears as he tells his father about what unfolded.

As you'll recall, Sinclair was found shot in the head inside her car, which was parked in Burroughs' garage, on June 1, 2017. Burroughs called police that night and claimed Sinclair shot herself.

The state is trying to convince jurors Sinclair did not die of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

During Wednesday's testimony, jurors learned autopsy results revealed Sinclair's blood alcohol level was .195 the night of her death, which is more than twice the legal limit to drive.

A forensic scientist told the court gunshot residue was found on both Burroughs' and Sinclair's hands. The scientist said residue was only found on Burroughs' left palm. He is right-handed. The scientist added residue was only found in Sinclair's right palm. She was left-handed.

On Thursday, defense attorneys called a friend of Sinclair's, Courtney Culpepper, to the witness stand. Culpepper testified that depending on the type of handgun, Sinclair could shoot with both hands.

Jurors also heard from Wesley Dickerson, another friend of Sinclair who saw her just days before her death. Dickerson testified Sinclair came to his home in Clarke County to hide from Burroughs. Dickerson said Sinclair told him Burroughs had beaten and threatened to kill her.

The defense pressed Dickerson on his courtroom testimony, saying his statements differed from the interview he gave police after Sinclair's death.

WDAM cameras are still in the courtroom for the day. We will continue to follow this case until its conclusion.

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