Players of the Pine Belt - Bay Springs' Anson "Deebo" Windham

Players of the Pine Belt - Bay Springs Anson "Deebo" Windham
"When I got here, they said there was a little kid at the middle school named Deebo, pretty good running back," Head Coach Dan Brady said.
"Growing up, my mom and them had cooked some cornbread and I had took it from my Auntie,” Windham said. “And she called me Deebo."
He goes by "Deebo" in Bay Springs, but the back of his jersey reads Windham, first name Anson. For several years, Deebo's name didn't appear on Bay Springs' box scores. The running back touched the ball just 16 times during the Bulldogs' South State title season in 2016. He carried the ball over 200times last season, for 1,600 yards and 20 touchdowns.
"He continued to work hard, got after it on the scout team offense, got beat up pretty much every day, just worked hard and he's grown up a lot the last few years,” Brady said. “I'm really proud of the man he's become."
"I remember two years ago I was on scout offense but now I'm rushing over 1,000 yards,” Windham said. “It feels good. Coach Brady push me, they just believe in me when I ain't believe in myself."
Now, Deebo enters his senior season as "the guy." It took him patience and hard work to arrive at a position where he can do what he loves most – run the football.
"Just a hard-nosed runner,” Brady said. “He symbolizes what we're about at Bay Springs, just a downhill guy, gets after it, good player."
"When I got the ball in my hands, thing going through my head, just make a play," Windham said.
The Bulldogs will need a number of plays to go their way if they'd like to make a second state title appearance in three years. With defending state champs Taylorsville in its same region, class 2A football is a handful.
"2A is just tough, week in and week out great competition,” Brady said. “A lot of teams in the South. We just hope that come Thanksgiving week we're in the thick of things, maybe with a shot."
"Only thing holding us back is us,” Windham said. “If we don't win a state championship this year it's because of us. We return 19 starters. To me we got the best offensive line in 2A, we got the best defense in 2A period. And we got the best coaching staff in Mississippi."

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