Possible special session in works for sports betting

Possible special session in works for sports betting

Sports betting and online taxes could require a special session to be called for Mississippi legislators to handle the specifics.

"Yeah, I would be in favor of a special session being called. Again, as long as we just don't sit there for days upon days and waste taxpayer money," state Sen. Joey Fillingane said.

Sports betting and online sales tax revenue are coming to Mississippi following a recent supreme court ruling. Fillingane, who represents Covington, Forrest, Jefferson Davis, Lamar and Smith counties, said Gov. Phil Bryant will determine if a special session is necessary to hammer out the specific details.

"So what will actually happen, in practice, is currently those dollars would simply go into the general fund," Fillingane said. "Because there is no law in place that says they would be diverted to infrastructure or education or wherever. It just goes into the states general revenue fund."

A special session could be coming within days. Fillingane said if that is the case, normally a 48-hour notice is given.

"It could be very soon," Fillingane said. "I think what he has said, and he is usually pretty good about, giving people the heads up beforehand. What he would like to see is a tentative agreement between the speaker and the lieutenant governor before he just calls us there and we spend state tax dollars sitting on opposite ends of the hall debating."

The state could start seeing revenue for both sports betting and online sales tax in the coming weeks.

"The folks that review that for us have said that would go into effect July 1," Fillingane said. "So, you will start seeing revenue from the sports betting beginning July 1, and I think you will see additional online sales tax being collected starting July 1."

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