HCHS, Marion County, caring for dogs left homeless when breeder died

HCHS, Marion County, caring for dogs left homeless when breeder died
This adolescent female dog is one of more than 50 Alaskan Malamutes or Siberian Huskies that were housed at Aquila Kennels in Foxworth. Photo credit WDAM.

FOXWORTH, MS (WDAM) - The Hub City Humane Society is hoping for donations to offset the cost of caring for dozens of dogs, who were left homeless when a longtime local breeder in the Foxworth Community of Marion County died last week.

HCHS and Columbia/Marion County animal control officer Amanda Bennett have been caring for more than 50 adult dogs, mostly Alaskan Malamutes and Siberian Huskies, at the former Aquila Kennels.

Relatives of the breeder surrendered the animals to Marion County authorities.

"The animals seem to be pretty well taken care of, aside from a few that are pretty matted," said Bennett. "31 out of 45 that were tested are positive for heart worms and that's a pretty big issue with the dogs."

Because of the cost of caring for dogs with heart worms, several out-of-state rescue organizations have been contacted to take the dogs.

"All of these dogs have been confined and not socialized properly, so these aren't dogs to go to somebody who has a small child, or a cat or a small dog," said Brenda Sumrall, a veterinarian and vice-president of the Hub City Humane Society.

"We have a rescue in Florida, a rescue in Texas, a rescue in Louisiana, rescues in Oregon and Washington that are hopefully, going to take these dogs," Sumrall said.

Sumrall said some individual adoptions are being arranged locally, with people who are familiar with the breeds and can afford to care for them.