Lumberton police chief resigns

Lumberton police chief resigns

LUMBERTON, MS (WDAM) - Lumberton Police Chief Shane Flynt has resigned.

Flynt was appointed as the city's police chief back in September 2017.
According to the Lumberton Police Department, Flynt recently put in his resignation.

Phillip Ducksworth is currently serving as the interim chief until the mayor and board of aldermen appoint a new chief.

Officials with the City of Lumberton have remained silent regarding the sudden resignation.

"I have no comment on the situation," Lumberton Mayor Quincy Rogers said on Monday.

One resident said people in Lumberton want to know what's happening in their city.

"I really hate to see him go because he's done a really good job of cracking down on the city with the drug issues and everything like that," the resident said.

WDAM spoke with local residents who did not want to be named or appear on camera.

"Just last month he made a big dent in the previous fines that was owed to the city by criminals," one resident said. "I believe last month they had said at the last board meeting, I believe it was like over $7,000 that he had collected, just in previous fines."

Residents said Flynt's departure is definitely unexpected.

"Oh, it was a total shock," a resident said. "I have run in to him at several businesses and stuff like that and he seemed to love his job. He just said it was personal, that he had some personal issues going on in his family."

The resident said Lumberton has a bad history of drug activity and police chiefs never stay long.

"When the chief of police really does their job and starts cracking down on the drugs and stuff, all of a sudden they leave," the resident said. "I hope that the personal issues or whatever is going on with previous Chief Flynt gets resolved and he returns because he is doing a good job for the city."