Rep. Palazzo: Secret memo could lead to restructuring of FBI

Rep. Palazzo: Secret memo could lead to restructuring of FBI

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Department of Justice is warning Republicans against releasing a memo that may show abuses of surveillance powers.

The memo purportedly deals with Justice Department surveillance activities in the Russia investigation.

The DOJ said releasing it would be reckless.

Meanwhile, Democrats are countering with their own memo, claiming the GOP memo is misleading.

4th District Mississippi Congressman Steven Palazzo said the public should see the memo and said what it contains could lead to a restructuring of the FBI.

The American people aren't going to like what they see in it," Palazzo said. "You're basically going to lose some of your faith in and confidence in the highest law enforcement organization in our nation, one that should be unbiased and free of politics and partisanship."

"I do think the memo needs to be released, I think Congress is prepared to do that and I think we're going to probably see some form of restructuring of the FBI," he said.

Palazzo was in Hattiesburg Thursday, to present a Congressional resolution to 100-year-old Marine Corps veteran Henry Pope Huff, Sr.