Gregory Burroughs receives a $125,000 bond in manslaughter case

Gregory Burroughs receives a $125,000 bond in manslaughter case

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The man indicted on a manslaughter charge in the death of his former girlfriend, Katherine Sinclair, stood in front of a judge Wednesday. WDAM cameras were in the courtroom as Gregory Burroughs was given bond.

Burroughs walked silently into the court room Wednesday morning in shackles. Staring from several benches as he approached the stand, the victim's family.

Jones County Circuit Court Judge Dal Williamson swiftly got into the specifics of manslaughter being a bailable offense.

Williamson noted the factors making the determination such as employment status, financial condition, nature of offense as well as family ties and relationships in the community.

After pointing out Burroughs did not seem to be a flight risk or a threat to the community, a $125,000 bond was given. Jones County District Attorney Anthony Buckley explained their recommendations.

"State didn't recommend a bond," Buckley said. "The State's request was for the accused to turn in his passport. An accuser in a crime like this is entitled to a reasonable bail."

Burroughs is charged with manslaughter in the death of his former girlfriend, 23-year-old Katherine Sinclair. Her body was found inside her car at Burroughs' Laurel home back in June. Holding back tears, Sinclair's family filled up most of the courtroom as court proceedings continued with Burroughs' arraignment.

The Judge asked Burroughs' attorney, "What plea does he wish to enter to the charge today,"  and Burroughs' attorney answered, "Mr. Burroughs pleads not guilty, your honor."

Burroughs will now sit and wait for his trial that is set for June 6, 2018. That's exactly one year and five days from the last day Katherine Sinclair took her final breath.

"We are prepared to go forward," Buckley said. "We've been charged by the grand jury with the duty to prosecute this case and that's exactly what we are going to do."

Before the trial, a status hearing is scheduled for April 13, 2018.
Right now, the DA's office is waiting for autopsy results to be finalized from the state crime lab.