Demolition of Mt. Carmel building begins

Demolition of Mt. Carmel building begins

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The demolition of parts of Mt. Carmel Baptist Church began Monday.

According to the City of Hattiesburg, the demolition of building B will take approximately 45 days.

After the project is complete, the city will begin working on reopening Main Street.

The City of Hattiesburg closed roads around the building in July citing safety concerns.

Legally, the city had two options regarding the fate of Building B at Mt. Carmel. They could demolish the property, deemed unsafe and a menace to the community, or take no action at all. A municipality cannot fund a private entity, in this case Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, in an effort to restore or save the building.

A public hearing was held, and ultimately the council approved the acceptance of bids for demolition.

Only one bid was presented to the council by M&M Services.

This project is costing the city around $340,000. The contracted company said it will try to salvage as much of the building as possible.