MS soldier films fallen comrade’s baby reveal

Updated: Oct. 5, 2017 at 5:33 PM CDT
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Spc. Christopher Michael Harris. Source: United States Army.
Spc. Christopher Michael Harris. Source: United States Army.
Chris and his wife Britt. Source: Jordan Crunk
Chris and his wife Britt. Source: Jordan Crunk

KANDAHAR, AFGHANISTAN (WDAM) - A Pine Belt soldier currently serving in Afghanistan paid tribute to a fallen soldier in his unit.

PFC Joel Crunk, a Baxterville native, along with the rest of his unit lost two friends and fellow soldiers after an explosive device detonated near their convoy in August. 

Spc. Christopher Michael Harris of Jackson Springs, North Carolina and Sgt. Jonathan Michael Hunter of Columbus, Indiana died on Aug. 2 as a result of their injuries sustained from the blast, according to the U.S. Department of Defense.

Both men attended training at Ft. Benning, GA, and were part of the 1st Brigade combat team, also called the Devil Brigade, according to CNN.

They were both on their first deployment abroad.

PFC Crunk was there the day they died, and said that he even carried their stretchers.

Harris' wife Britt was pregnant at the time of his deployment. She reached out to the unit and asked them to help her reveal the gender of their baby.

Crunk's unit dedicated the video and reveal in Harris' honor.

"The family of our fallen are forever our family," Crunk said. "This baby is to each of us just as much our own as our blood children."

Crunk uploaded the video to Youtube after Britt shared it on her Facebook page.

The video shows his entire unit celebrating the reveal of Harris' child. Crunk said the experience was great for the entire unit.

Britt named their baby girl Christian Michelle Harris, after her father.

Crunk said he and his unit won't return until next year, but he wanted to share the story of his friend with his hometown.

"Chris was an amazing guy and a great soldier," said Crunk. "He sacrificed his life on the altar of freedom. I'm honored to share his story."

You can watch the video below. We warn you, the video contains graphic language:

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