Pink Up: Hattiesburg breast cancer survivor keeps fighting for others

Pink Up: Hattiesburg breast cancer survivor keeps fighting for others
(Source: Sheila Easterlin)
(Source: Sheila Easterlin)
(Source: Sheila Easterlin)
(Source: Sheila Easterlin)

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - From the day Sheila Easterlin was diagnosed with Breast Cancer until the day she went into remission, it has been a journey of good and bad days.

We shared her story of survival with you months ago, but now she's pledged to be the light for those women who have not yet made it through the storm. In today's pink up report, we talked to her about a support group and events she's started to keep the fight going.

"I was at work, and we were doing a fundraiser for breast cancer," Easterlin said. "We were doing mugshots that day, and the doctor called me."

It was in the very moment Shelia Easterlin fought against breast cancer that she would find out, the fight had become personal.

"It just made me want to fight for it more," Easterlin said. "I knew I wanted to live, and I was going to fight for it."

So that she did, making a public page to share her progress with hundreds who would support her through the battle she was determined to win. She documented days both good and bad.

"I'm just thankful I can say I've made it," Easterlin said. "With God's help and my family and friends, we made it. I don't think I could have made it without my family and my support."

Today, she's offering that same support by planning events that she hopes become annual. She's standing side by side with those women still needing a backbone will battling breast cancer.

"I had been working with American Cancer for several years. For October, we have 'Men in Pink' which we have lots of men in the area," Easterlin said.

They'll raise money and the winner will be featured on the front cover of a calendar.

"We also have planned a walk, "Easterlin said. Our first walk at Merit Health Wesley will be October 21st , and that's for breast cancer,"

She's also started a support group at Merit Health Wesley letting women know they're not alone. She said the support from the community is pouring in.

"It's very humbling, and I'm so thankful that people want to help and want to raise money for breast cancer," Easterlin said. "We've all been affected by it, whether we've had it, we all know someone who has had it. I could be family or friends,"

She's committed to fight for funds to find cures and be the example that this journey can end in victory.

"I makes it a little more real. I've always had empathy, but now I have sympathy," Easterlin said. "I know what you're going through."

The first Pine Belt Run for Life and Street Strut for Breast Cancer is set for October 21st.

For more on all of her efforts in the fight against breast cancer, contact her at (601)268-8125.