Hattiesburg doctor takes visits in a new direction

Hattiesburg doctor takes visits in a new direction

On Tuesday folks filled the meeting area of Southern Medical Care in Hattiesburg seeking help with diabetes.

One attendee, Evelyn Hanks, said a few months ago she blacked out while driving and hit a metal post. "Wrecked my car and I knew that I had to have some help," Hanks said.

Timi Thomas said she and her husband have diabetes. She said when she found out her diagnosis she was in denial.

"I was a little withdrawn for awhile from food...didn't know what to eat, what not to eat, how to better care for myself. I don't want to end up on insulin," Thomas said.

Dr. Lara Otaigbe provided the help these patients need and gave them a little something extra with the very first Lunch and Learn: Diabetes.

"We are gonna talk about how the body works," Otaigbe said. "The different kinds of foods and the impact they have on blood sugar control. How exercise affects blood sugar."

They didn't just talk about food. Otaigbe invited Hattiesburg chef and Season 7 contestant of Master Chef Katie Dixon to prepare the kinds of meals that marry taste and healthy eating for diabetics.

"I use things that are fresh and so with this they're things that are grown," Dixon said. "They're not mass produced. They're not in the middle of the grocery store, they are things that you have to chop up. You can smell things and you can taste them and from their original state they can be eaten, and I think that so important to teach."

Both Otaigbe and Dixon agree food can be medicine for the body which is why Otaigbe said this won't be the last Lunch and Learn for the community.