Petal woman loses $1400 on craigslist scam

Petal woman loses $1400 on craigslist scam

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - Jennifer Underwood has been renting a home on Woodview Drive in Petal, but now that her lease has expired, she must find a new home.

"I responded to an ad on craigslist. There was a picture of a house for rent with a description and a phone number, so I called them, and they answered and said that it was available," Underwood explained.

The woman told her she inherited the house from her grandfather who passed away, and they were looking for someone to rent it before they moved to California.

"I met the people at the rental property, went in and viewed it and toured it and like it, and it was suitable for me and my children," added.

Underwood had to come up with $1400 dollars up front to get it.

A few days later, she gave them the cash, and signed the lease.

They couple gave Underwood the keys to the home, but once she got inside, something wasn't right.

"When I went in there was a bed in there, and the closet was still set up like a man was living in there. There was man's clothes and belongings," Underwood explained.

Underwood called the couple to find out why, but they wouldn't answer the phone, and she said they haven't answered her phone calls ever since.

Underwood said she later found out, the grandfather isn't dead, and he's still renting that home.

She said the couple stole her money and left town.

"I'm a single mom, and it's hard enough to come up with money to get in a place and somebody takes that money, and now you have two days left to find somewhere to go," Underwood said.

She's scared of what may happen if she doesn't get the money back soon.

"We'll either end up at the shelter or on the streets or if there's no room at the shelter, we'll end up on the streets with nowhere to go," Underwood said.