FGH providing care through Family Medicine Residency Clinic

(The following is a press release from Forrest General Hospital.  For more details, visit visit forrestgeneral.com/fmrclinic or call 601-579-3300.)

Hattiesburg, Miss. — (March 7, 2017)  Along with crisp, cool breezes and bright, beautiful flowers, spring months in Mississippi also bring pollen and other allergens that can send many residents rushing to the doctor's office. Forrest General's Family Medicine Residency Clinic offers a convenient solution for the entire family including children and infants.

The clinic is part of the Forrest General Family Medicine Residency Program and provides an opportunity for residents to gain experience with patients in a continuity clinic setting while the residents rotate through many different specialty rotations throughout the 3-year residency program. On average, the clinic sees around 17,000 patients a year with 3,000 of those being hospital service in adult medicine and another 3,000 pediatric inpatients. One of the many benefits of choosing a resident as a primary care physician is that they are able to treat patients in the clinic and continue care if that patient is admitted to the hospital. The Family Medicine Residency Clinic is the only family medicine clinic in this area that offers this benefit.

To be accepted into this highly competitive residency program, applicants must be graduates of accredited medical schools or colleges of osteopathic medicine in the United States, and they must hold an unrestricted license to practice medicine in Mississippi.  After all applications have been reviewed, only the best candidates are selected for on-site interviews during which they will be judged based on their aptitudes, academic credentials, personal characteristics, and communication skills. Of those interviewed, Forrest General Hospital chooses only 6 candidates to become residents.

"The physicians in our program have all finished medical or osteopathic school and are all licensed physicians. This program provides these young physicians with three additional years of training to reinforce their specialty and subspecialty education. The program enriches the knowledge and education they have already received," said Eric Hale, M.D.,

The Forrest General Family Medicine Residency Program is a community-based program built on a reputation of inspiring world-class care. In an environment both nurturing and challenging, residents gain direct guidance and shoulder-to-shoulder experience with a seasoned team of physicians and staff. The momentum established here and cultivated by our knowledgeable and innovative team serves to open doors of possibility for our residents. Our respected physicians and staff, in tandem with the thriving and ever-growing partnerships between Forrest General Hospital and our medical staff provide a rare glimpse at what it can truly mean to C.A.R.E.

The Family Medicine Residency Clinic is located on the first floor of Hattiesburg Clinic. All residents participating in the Family Medicine Residency Program are accepting new patients of all ages. For appointments, call 601-579-3300. For more information about the Forrest General Family Medicine Residency Program, visit forrestgeneral.com/fmrclinic .