Lamar Co. solar farm to be completed by April

Lamar Co. solar farm to be completed by April

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The solar farm project in Lamar County, owned by D.E. Shaw, is under construction and moving along quickly.

The 600-acre site will have nearly 400 acres of solar panels with single axis tracking technology that follows the sun during the daylight hours making it more efficient.

DEPCOM Power began the building project in late September 2016 and hopes to be completed by April. Mississippi Power is also involved with the project.

There will be over 220,000 solar panels that will be used to complete the project.

"Solar energy offers us an opportunity to diversify our fuel mix," said Tony Smith, air quality manager at Mississippi Power. "These power purchase agreements like this one here, over a 25-year period helps us to mitigate fuel price fluctuation risks for the customer."

Smith added, "Solar energy is unique in that the obvious advantage is no fuel, the fuel is free. These projects are relatively easy to build, comparatively speaking it doesn't take nearly as long to construct a solar project of this magnitude as it would a traditional power plant. The life of the project can last for 25 years or so."

Once completed, the solar farm will produce around 105 megawatts of solar energy to provide power to over 14,000 homes.