Laurel mayor urges residents to not litter

Laurel mayor urges residents to not litter

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - Laurel Mayor Johnny Magee said he is tired of people trashing the city of Laurel.

"They just tend to the streets as their garbage," Magee said.

Residents have been fed up for a while

"It's sickening for people just to throw out their garbage on the side of the road," one resident said.

Magee said, "We're called the City Beautiful, but trash doesn't make it beautiful anymore."

Magee said it is costing the city a lot of money.

"We have to pay people to pick up litter and as soon as you pick it up, it's back out there," Magee said

The mayor said it is hard to call this city beautiful when people constantly throw paper and bottles all along the roads, but it could end up costing perpetrators in the long run.

"If they see it happening, I think the fine is like 100 dollars," Magee said.

Each year, taxpayers pay millions of dollars for litter across the state of Mississippi.

Magee said with all the financial problems his city is facing, trash is the last thing they need to deal with.

"Please don't litter in the city. We just don't need. We can do better," Magee said.