Hattiesburg couple shares story of infertility

Hattiesburg couple shares story of infertility

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A little more than a year ago, 29-year-old Anna Bush opened up about her and her husband's biggest struggle.

"We have been diagnosed with infertility, and have been struggling with that for the last two years," Anna said.

After living with the painful condition of endometriosis since she was 15, and struggling to get pregnant for more than four years, 2015 was the couple's most aggressive pursuit to conceive. Anna Bush went through a major surgery to remove the endometriosis, and in-vitro fertilization. Now, she and her husband, Matt Bush, are embarking on the next stage of their journey. They are finally pregnant.

"Everything that we put into it, it feels like it's finally worth it," Anna Bush said.

Now, at 20 weeks pregnant, Anna Bush can look back and explain her IVF therapy. Doctors started with 17 of her eggs, only nine fertilized, and her doctors were only able to freeze two.

"On Easter weekend, we took one of our little popsicles, as we call them, out of the freezer and transferred it to me. I was on bed rest for several days and ironically, on April Fools' Day, we got our positive pregnancy test," Anna Bush said.

The couple said there has been so much wonder, celebration and gratitude, but they cannot share their joy without sharing their truth.

"I went through issues where I didn't trust my body for the longest time because, I felt like it had never done right by me," Anna Bush said.

Matt Bush revealed their battle to start a family was often isolating, and a massive undertaking only couples going through the same things could understand.

"Four to five cycles of IVF which averages about, depending on where you are in the country, can average anywhere from $12,000 a cycle to up towards $25,000 a cycle," Matt Bush said.

They said the stories of their ups and downs through the years could go on, but there is only one story their concerned with now: their little boy.

"We are excited for him to know his story and know how very much he was wanted, and prayed for and loved from the time we were getting daily reports on him as a two cell embryo," Anna Bush said.

The couple said they are passionate about getting the truth out about infertility. Anna said through her research, she learned that one in eight couples struggle with infertility.

Beginning on Aug. 10 at 6 p.m. at Temple Baptist Church in Hattiesburg, they will begin a support group they organized for couples who are having trouble growing their family in any biologist sense. The support group will take place every Wednesday.