2016 Pine Belt tornado statistics

2016 Pine Belt tornado statistics

PINE BELT (WDAM) - This year has been quite active for severe weather across the Pine Belt, to say the least.

But just how active? Well for 2016, the area had 22 tornadoes touch down in 17 counties.

WDAM meteorologist Patrick Bigbie decided to dig though the data and found out that for the 17-county area, the area averaged around nine tornadoes a year.

So, the area is well above average this year.

Here is a breakdown for each county:

Data Credit: NOAA NCDC Storm Event Database, NWS Jackson, NWS Mobile, NWS New Orleans, TornadoHistoryProject.com

One thing that did stick out in the data is that Jones and Smith Counties received nearly two to three times more tornadoes than other counties across the area.

Now that you know the average for your county, you may want to know where in your county those tornado occurred.

No problem! We have you covered there too! Just click here and type in your county in the box!

Pine Belt Tornado Paths
Pine Belt Tornado Paths

Image Credit : TornadoHistoryProject.com