Laurel community leader charged with neglecting wife, daughter

Laurel community leader charged with neglecting wife, daughter

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - A Laurel community leader with charged with child deprivation and abusing and neglecting his terminally ill wife.

"Just a deplorable situation," said Tonya Madison, investigator with the Jones County Sheriff's Department.

Forty-year-old George Kilgore was in court Monday facing one charge of child deprivation of necessaries with substantial harm and one charge of abuse or neglect of vulnerable adult after Jones County Sheriff's deputies said they found his wife and daughter living in filthy conditions.

"People shouldn't be treated as dogs," Madison said. "If you have any kind of heart, you would understand that some dogs get better treatment than they were getting."

Madison said Kilgore's 14-year-old daughter told deputies Kilgore would only drop off food once a week and rationed personal hygiene items. Madison said deputies found moldy furniture inside of the house when they arrived. She also said the home had no hot water and said the wife and daughter had no form of communication.

"No home phone," Madison said. "No cell phone. No way to call 911 if something happened. He just left them there with nothing."

Madison said Kilgore told investigators his wife has Huntington's disease, a degenerative nerve disease that deteriorates physical and mental abilities.

"For nine and a half hours, Mrs. Kilgore was left at the house while her daughter was at school," Madison said. "She wasn't able to get up and move around and get to the bathroom like we are. She would have to lay there in her own feces. When the deputies arrived, she could not stand. She could not move around on her own.  They had to actually life her up and put her on a stretcher. She was weak and just in a bad state."

Madison said it was his daughter with the help of a family member and neighbors that finally led investigators to get involved.

"She stepped up as the awesome little girl that she is and finally decided to tell the neighbor, 'we need some help,'" Madison said. "The neighbor got in touch with a family member."

The sheriff's department said the daughter is staying with family, and the wife is receiving medical care.

Kilgore is listed on the Secretary of State's website as the director of The Apollo Parade Group that organizes Laurel's Mardi Gras parade and the non-profit The Helping Hands of Mississippi Foundation.

Jones County Justice Court set a $25,000 cash bond for each of Kilgore's charges.