Flood water continues to rise in Hattiesburg

Flood water continues to rise in Hattiesburg

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Flood water will continue to rise in the Hattiesburg area according to city officials.

According to the  Emergency Operations Center, the worst is yet to come. The Leaf River in Hattiesburg is expected to rise another 2 feet to crest at 29.5 feet, and Black Creek to crest at 25.5 feet. The Bouie River is currently at 26.07 feet.

Hattiesburg Fire Chief Talmus Russel said he hasn't seen a flood this bad in 20 years.

Several streets in Hattiesburg were closed, such as East Hardy Street and on 8th and River streets. Folks also gathered together today to work on sandbagging at Chain Park and Ebnezer Church.

Ebnezer Church Pastor Carlos Wilson said he is happy to have a great community that will help with flood relief efforts.

"We will experience this and we will learn from it and we will grow what whatever we have to do after tomorrow we will do but we have good friends," said Wilson.

Mayor Johnny Dupree said it's important for people to leave their homes if they live by water.

"The greatest threat right now for man kind is people staying in too long and not moving, when we asking you please move," Dupree said.

The E.O.C. is urging people to go to storm shelters if there is flooding around their homes. The shelter in Forrest County is located at 361 Sullivan Drive.

"We want to stress if you leave, prepare to be gone for three or four days because its not going to fall out as quick as it came in," said Director of Emergency Management Glen Moore.