Scam in Forrest County involving asphalt paving

FORREST COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Forrest County authorities want residents to beware of an ongoing scam that involves asphalt paving. The Sheriff's Office received a call from a victim, who stated that a white male driving a red work truck came to her residence and said that he was doing a job paving driveways with asphalt in the area and that he had some extra material. The suspect said that his name is Louis Jeffery, and that he could repave her driveway for $1,500.

The victim then agreed to have the driveway paved. Once the driveway was paved, the suspect came back at night and stated that the victim owed him $8,000. When the victim state that she did not have that kind of money, the suspect then said that she could pay him $5,000. Unfortunately, the victim wrote the suspect two checks.

The victim was able to cancel one of the checks after telling family members about the scam before it was cashed. The Sheriff's Office is asking residents to be mindful of these scam artists and to verify a company before doing business with them.

If you see the truck or have any further information, please contact the Forrest County Sheriff's Office at (601) 544-7800.