Canadian students help out the Hattiesburg community

Canadian students help out the Hattiesburg community

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Canadian students volunteered with Habitat for Humanity in Hattiesburg on Tuesday.

The students are part of a program called Project Serve.

This project allows them to travel to different countries and learn about communities all around the world.

On Tuesday, they are working on fixing up Juanita Johnson's house.

This organization also works closely with an exchange program at The University of Southern Mississippi.

Chris Ferrel, program coordinator for the Center of Civic and Community Engagement said this is an amazing opportunity for the international students.

"We are learning more about the perspectives of a different country," Ferrel said.  "They are doing the same thing so it's a matter of us opening up to them and them being welcome to open up to us."

The students also helped out with Hawkins Elementary by tutoring and mentoring kids.