Five ways to celebrate black history month

Five ways to celebrate black history month

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Black history is a month long celebration for Americans to rejoice and reflect on African-American culture across the country. Black people from all walks of life are scattered across our country with numerous stories and experiences that has molded American history. Every single day African-Americans continue to create, invent and contribute trends to modern day society in the U.S. that deserves more than recognition this Black history month. Here are five ways to celebrate black heritage next month.

1. Organize a poetry slam:

Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes and Nicki Giovanni are famous African American poets who empowered black communities during and after the Civil Rights era.

2. Host a musical kick-back:

Take time to reflect on deep rich musical history from salsa, blues, jazz and more with artist like Nina Simone, Lorna Simpson or Henry Ossawa Tanner.

3. Create inspired art:

Use a quote from famous African American leaders like Dr. Joy DeGruy, Martin Luther King or Malcolm X that touches you most and create a piece of art with paint or clay that inspires your creativity.

4. Have a pot luck:

African American cuisine also known as soul food, brings people together and offers an opportunity for people to share old recipes passed down from generations.

5. Host a discussion:

Find local African American heroes in your community and invite them join discussions on modern day topics in the black community.