Southern Pines Animal Shelter sees more structural damages

Southern Pines Animal Shelter sees more structural damages

HATTIESBURG, MS - Southern Pines Animal Shelter in Hattiesburg has some new structural damages.

Wall cracks are forming through the walls in one of the kennel buildings.

Operations Manager Katherine Sammons said she believes the cracks are related to the heavy rain that caused a landslide to form behind the building in mid-November.

"It appeared shortly before the landslide, and it has widened just a bit," Sammons said. "You know there is a place where you can stand inside the kennel building and actually see through the wall, and we are actually starting to see some structural damage to the building."

The shelter has seen trickles of donations from the public for the landslide within the past week.

Sammons said the cracked walls help to point out the need for help.

"Like I said, that absolutely highlights the urgency of getting this repair done as quickly as possible to salvage what we can salvage and move forward for 2016."

The shelter ended 2015 with a live release rate of 95 percent.