Pro-State Flag Protesters Gather In Front of USM

Pro-State Flag Protesters Gather In Front of USM

HATTIESBURG, MS - More than a dozen people gathered in front of the University of Southern Mississippi for a peaceful pro-state flag rally.

Several protesters carried "No State Flag, No Funds" signs.

This is the third Sunday, people have gathered in front of the school to show their support to put the state flag back on campus after USM President Rodney Bennett ordered the flag to come two weeks ago.

"We've been represented by the flag being taken down being voters," Protestor Marc McPhail said.

"The flag was voted on in '01 it's been voted on to be kept and it's been taken down by one person and there was no due process."

Several bystanders who did not agree with the protest peacefully shared their thoughts with protestors.

"We as community can be putting our devices to better things like a better education system or the roadways," USM graduate student Brian Golden said.

"Something else other than just worrying about if a flag flies up or what comes down."

McPhail said the group will continue to protest on Sundays, hoping that the flag will return to campus.

The protest lasted from 3 to 5 p.m. facing Hardy Street.