A2Z Printing doubles business after increasing throughput, decreasing turnaround times with Ricoh devices

A2Z Printing doubles business after increasing throughput, decreasing turnaround times with Ricoh devices

MALVERN, PA - This is a news release from Ricoh Americas Corporation

Ricoh Americas Corporation today announced that A2Z Printing, a Mississippi-based commercial printer, has upgraded its print operations with solutions from Ricoh. As a result, A2Z Printing is now better equipped to bring in new and repeat business by leveraging capabilities now accessible with the affordable five-color RICOH Pro C7110X and meet and exceed customers' expectations with the speed, efficiency and quality provided by its RICOH Pro C901 and RICOH Pro 8110e devices.

"Our customers want faster and faster turnarounds," said Allen Taheri, Partner, A2Z Printing. "With Ricoh production printers, we can complete jobs with fewer delays and less downtime, which has helped us to experience dramatic revenue increases. And, best of all, these devices are like tanks; no matter what, they keep running. We could print any project, any time. And in an industry where nobody is ever fast enough, we're turning jobs around the same day. We were ready to handle anything our customers could ask of us."

Established more than 20 years ago after its cofounders impulsively bought a printer in college, A2Z Printing is now an established, successful commercial printer that serves a wide range of clients, including politicians, news organizations, realtors and more. Over the years, Taheri and his partner have put more thought into how they run their shop, and in 2011 they began introducing Ricoh devices, as their current fleet struggled to meet growing volume demands. Today, A2Z Printing consistently meets customer demands and deadlines, enabling them to accept more types of jobs – and more profitable, high-volume jobs.

Soon after implementation of the RICOH Pro C901, which brought in much-needed capacity, business doubled, according to Taheri. A2Z Printing experienced revenue increases of almost $800K in the first year, utilizing the RICOH Pro C901 for more than 600K pages each month.

When Taheri saw the RICOH Pro C7110X in action at GRAPH EXPO '14, he knew its five-color capabilities and price point would make it a game-changer. He immediately requested one be added to his shop as soon as the product achieved general availability.

A2Z Printing's client base is incredibly varied, but each one shares a single demand: They need the job completed as soon as possible. The RICOH Pro 8110e, which can produce up to one million black-and-white pages every month, allows them to meet and exceed existing, large service-level agreements for recurring projects – such as the weekly black-and-white newspaper they print – without sacrificing the ability to add new black-and-white business.

"A2Z Printing is yet another great example of how Ricoh's diverse production print portfolio can help printers meet their customers' various needs," said John Fulena, Vice President, Production Print Business Group, Ricoh Americas Corporation. "Whatever the key pain point – whether it's needing faster turnaround time, increased volume, higher output quality, or added portfolio applications, such as those provided by five-color printing – our experts can find a way to help you. It's great to see A2Z Printing doing well while drawing on capabilities from several corners of our portfolio."