State flag still not flying in Hub City

State flag still not flying in Hub City

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Two months after Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny DuPree ordered the removal of the Mississippi flag from all city buildings, the flag is still down.

DuPree released a statement in June that said the decision came after the Charleston church massacre, where nine black people were killed by a white man with white supremacist ties.

"We have removed the state flags to honor the lives of the nine individuals slain in the church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina," the statement read.

DuPree's spokesperson said last month there were discussions on when or if the flag would be flown again in the city, however, when asked this week about the status of the flag, she said the mayor had no comment.

Mayor DuPree said in his June statement that the flag at City Hall "has not been up for several years." However, according to video shot by WDAM last summer, the state flag was flying, and Google Earth shows the state flag at City Hall last spring.

Petal voted to keep the state flag flying at town buildings, however Starkville and Oxford both voted to remove state flags at their city buildings.

Additionally, the University of Southern Mississippi released a statement in June of disapproval of the state flag, although it is still flying at the front of campus.