Palmers Crossing garden grows community by growing vegetables

Palmers Crossing garden grows community by growing vegetables

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - BioSoil Enhancers and Plamers Crossing residents are happy to see the growth in their new garden and the community.

This is the first harvest for the community garden on Old Airport Road. Despite an extremely rainy season, the crops have have grown well.

Members of the Community Action Team, or CAT, credit BioSoil Enhancers' SumaGrow.

"SumaGrow is a blend of soil-born microorganisms that were selected for their ability to improve crop quantity and crop quality," said Aimee Murry, marketing communications and public realtions manager for BioSoil Enhancers.

Murry said the food grown in the garden will be given to community members who do not have acess to fresh fruits and vegetables and to residents who can't get out to grocery shop, like the elderly.

However, they're growing more than vegetables in Palmers Crossing. They're growing a community.

"I think when a garden becomes the meeting place, I think that good things happen," Murry said. "I think that friendships are made. I think that plans and ideas are really what's grown in a communnity garden."

CAT President Bobby Rankin said he and other team members tend to the garden everyday, and the community has been supporttive.

"Members in the neighborhood brought their tractors around to help us cause we had been doing it by hand," Rankin said. "And they brought their tractors and, man, it really got going then."

This season, the garden has okra, peas, butter beans, cucumbers, squash, corn, bell peppers and tomatoes.

Both CAT and BioSoil Enchancers said they are already planning for next year.

"When community and industry come together, good things happen," Murry said.

Rankin said,"We ain't found nobody unhappy yet."