Last minute Mother's Day gift ideas

Last minute Mother's Day gift ideas

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Making a trip to a busy mall this Mother's Day weekend may be just as stressful as picking a gift. Luckily, there are several local businesses with lots of different gift options.

"Blooms is a full service florist, we do a lot of floral arrangements," said Adrienne Hicks, owner of Blooms. "But what makes it a little unique and a little different is the fact that we have Peter's Pottery. We have really unique containers, so a lot of people will come in and buy really unusual containers. After the flowers are no longer (alive) they have something really special to keep after the fact."

From variously shaped pottery items, to paintings, to candles, there's a different type of gift for a mother of any age and any personality type.

"We really try to find out a little bit about the person that they are trying giving (the gift) to, a little bit about their personality, to then direct them, because there are so many things," Hicks said. "From items that pertain to gardeners, and people who love to be outdoors, to people who want more home décor. Trying to figure out that person and what they want and make it unique and special to them."

If you think the mother in your life may just want to add to her closet, consider getting her a cute outfit or two.

"We're really pushing bracelets, earrings, a lot of sun dresses, fringe vests; those are also really big right now," said Katy Ricks, manager at Material Girls. "Palazzo pants, all ages love those, younger or older; they can go great with any top or vest," Ricks said. "Linen shorts, those are really good as well, they're more breathable than denim shorts, so that's why a lot of people really like those."