April 13 forecast, Get your umbrellas ready

April 13 forecast, Get your umbrellas ready

I hope your car needs a bath, because this week it is going to rain. Rain. Rain. And rain some more.

I don't know if I would call it a "wash out" but there will be ample opportunities for showers and thunderstorms each day of the week. Tuesday and Wednesday we could see a few thunderstorms in the mix, too. Nothing with any kind of organized severe weather potential, but a few storms may be pretty strong with heavy rain, gusty wind, small hail and frequent lightning.

Wednesday we might be able to mix in a severe storm or two, but the main threats will be the same, rain, wind and hail. Plenty of lightning, too.

Thursday, Friday and into Saturday morning things get a little more interesting. As another system rides this direction is may open the door for some more organized severe weather. We'll be watching this closely but the CIPS Analogs out of Saint Louis University show that the Top 8 severe analogs gave us a severe storm up to 45% of the time. With it still being a few days away, this is likely to change, but if you have plans later in the week, have a second option available, just in case. Also think about what you would do if a severe thunderstorm or tornado warning is issued for your area. What would you do? Where would you go? Things like that.

Afternoon highs each day this week will hover in the upper 70s and low 80s with winds from the south or southwest between 5 and 15mph.