Mississippi woman makes unsavory discovery in Kraft Cheese singles

Mississippi woman makes unsavory discovery in Kraft Cheese singles

ELLISVILLE, MS (WDAM) - A Mississippi woman said she found something sharp in her Kraft Cheese singles, but it wasn't the cheddar.

Gladys Thompson, an Ellisville resident, said her family noticed there was something different about the cheese slices when the package was opened.

"Every piece is full of glass," said Thompson.

According to Thompson, her mother opened the pack of cheese on Tuesday to make sandwiches for her grandchildren when she made the discovery.

"My sister was sick back in January, so I went by a store in Petal to pick up cheese for a grilled cheese sandwich," said Thompson. "My mother actually had some cheese slices already, so we didn't open the pack until just now."

Thompson said she called Kraft and was able to get a case number, but hasn't received a return call.

Reporters also reached out to Kraft Cheese Tuesday for a statement, and were given a 24 hour waiting period for a response.

This comes just a week after Kraft issued a recall on over 200,000 boxes of macaroni and cheese filled with fragments of metal. 

"I just wanted to get the word out to others in the area who may have bought the same cheese," said Thompson.

Reporters followed up with the company on Wednesday, March 25, and Kraft has yet to respond. 

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