Mississippi family turns tree stump into garden gnome home

Mississippi family turns tree stump into garden gnome home

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A Mississippi family's new yard decoration has brought a whole new meaning to the phrase "There's 'gnome' place like home."

Mary and Tommy Taylor of Hattiesburg had to cut down a tree in their front yard over Spring Break. Instead of getting the tree stump removed, they decided to get a little bit creative.

"A giant Water Oak tree took some rot damage, and actually started to fall apart on their house," said John Mark Taylor, Mary and Tommy's son. "My parents baby sit our two young cousins time to time and they are fascinated with gnomes and fairies and such."

According to Taylor, the family had a professional cut down the tree, and decided to make a gnome house for their cousins.

"It only took about three days to make everything, but they had to do it in phases," said Taylor.

The gnome home features everything a real home would have; such as, a garden, a lamp post, a cobblestone walk way, mushrooms and squirrels in the front yard, and of course, a gnome family.

"The next phase is a chimney," said Taylor.

Taylor said his parents may change the decor of the gnome home seasonally to reflect the holiday, but the main goal is to complete the existing house for their family members to enjoy.