Lake Serene resident thankful for progress on dam completion

Lake Serene resident thankful for progress on dam completion

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Residents in lake Serene West haven't been able to use their earthen dam since it was damaged in Hurricane Isaac, but with construction near completion it will soon come back to life.

"We moved into Lake Serene area seven years ago because we like water," said Lake Serene Property Owner Association Board Member and Resident, Warner Boortz. "We have been so frustrated for the past three years because we haven't seen much water."

Boortz lives on the earth filled dam between Oak Grove and Stump Lakes in Lake Serene. He said his neighbors are also frustrated, but hopeful.

"We had to rebuild a whole dam and that's finished now and we are working on the spillway," said Boortz. Hopefully by the end of this month we can start filling the lake back up. However that will take about a year maybe depending on how much rainfall we get."

After three years, the residents view continues to be a grassy swamp, rather than lakefront.

Lamar County Engineer Don Walker said the project is well on its way.

"It should be a matter of days or a week until the project is complete," said Lamar County Engineer Don Walker.

The 1.1 million dollar project is close to being complete. The dam's slope has been repaired by Tanner Construction of Ellisville and the spillway is days from being finished.

"Next, we will go in to actually completing the lining of the conduit pipe which actually drains the oak grove lake," Walker.

The lake will be ready for water once the pipe is installed and the valve is closed.

"The only remaining item, this contract will be complete, but then the county will have a small amount of work that they'll do to actually construct the road on top of the dam," said Walker.