The Choice School Bus visits Laurel Middle School

The Choice School Bus visits Laurel Middle School

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - The Choice School bus rolled onto the campus of Laurel Middle school on Wednesday.

It is a school bus converted to teach kids the importance of taking their educational choices seriously. When students board The Choice Bus, they get to experience what life is actually like from two different points of view. From the outside it looks like a regular school bus but when you take a step inside, you'll see it's anything but typical.

The first half of the bus is set up like a classroom and features a large projector screen, while the rest of the bus is set up to look like a prison cell to show what life is like for many who have already dropped out of school. It encourages students to connect with their future by connecting with their education and to understand their future is based on the decisions they will make while in school.

While on the bus, the students learn that 75 percent of prison inmates are high school dropouts. They also learn that the average college graduate earns more than $1 million in their lifetime than a high school dropout. During the presentation, the students watched a film which was created to show a stark look of prison life. In the video, inmates gave testimonials about how they made poor choices by quitting school and giving up on their education.

The Choice Bus was created by The Mattie C. Stewart Foundation to help reduce dropout rates in the United States. With help from a grant provided by State Farm, The Choice Bus has visited more than 2-million students in 21 states, including Mississippi.