Gala of Royal Horses visits the Pinebelt

Gala of Royal Horses visits the Pinebelt

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Gala of the Royal Horses has arrived in the Pinebelt. The traveling group first began touring in the United States, but the Gasser family has been working with horses their entire lives.

"We start with them when they're about 3 years old," Rene Gasser, lead rider said. "From there on, so it takes about 7-10 years to train a good horse. "It takes a long time to perform with these horses in front of an audience."

The group has been entertaining for most of their lives, but only recently began touring in the United States.

While traveling to entertain other families, there's something very special about the traveling group. It is actually a family business and they've been doing it for generations.

"I would be the 8th generation if I keep carrying on with it," said Katharina Gasser. "Depending on which, like Marci, I like [this] act that we have. If I ride one of the high horses, it just depends on which horse I'm with at the time."

To keep the family business going, it helps to have individuals who have a deep love for horses.

Each horse is specifically trained and has their own act.

"We've got also regional horses, with us. Arabian horses and they do all different feats," Rene Gasser said. "We want the audience never to get bored. We always want them to see something new, you know, be surprised."

The show begins at 7pm March 4th at the Forrest County Multipurpose center. To purchase tickets, click here