Designer drugs causing concern in Jones County

Designer drugs causing concern in Jones County

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Designer drugs are causing a concern for the Jones County Sheriff's Department.

The department said they are beginning to see a growing trend in drugs that look like candy. One drug that they've seized looks like a popular chewy candy like Sour Patch Watermelon, but has a high content of THC.

"That would be something that a child would look at and say, 'Hey I want one of them'," said Major Jamie Tedford. "You have so many people that are saying, 'Why don't we just legalize marijuana?' well here's a prime example of why that you would not want to legalize marijuana for the fact that you can see that they are targeting the younger generation."

Major Tedford said the department has started seeing out-of-state prescription marijuana in the county.

"You run into people that says, 'Hey I've got a prescription for this.' well you've got a prescription for this in Denver, Colorado you don't have a prescription for it in Jones County, Mississippi, so you will be charged with possession of marijuana.

Although they rarely come across the designer drugs, Major Tedford said the department just wants to inform the public that these types of drugs are out there and do exist. 

"We hope that we can contain it and keep it out of this area where that it will not impact our kids and our communities," said Major Tedford.