Man walking 1300 miles across the South for a cause

Man walking 1300 miles across the South for a cause

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - D J Reggie Dee of Palm Beach, Florida is making a strong statement against a big problem.

"It all evolved from my mom, she passed away from a soft tissue cancer," Reggie Dee said. "On her dying bed I wanted to do a walk for her cancer, but she strongly suggested that I do something more positive; something that makes a difference. She asked me what would I do to make a difference in the world and I said I wish I could change racism. She was like 'go for it.'"

The popular DJ started his journey in Dallas, Texas. With many local supporters and even more long-distance supporters cheering via social media, he began his 1300 mile walk.

Cold winds and rough roads have made the long trek even more difficult, but Reggie Dee said support he's gotten in other states has kept him in good spirits.

"[The journey] has its ups and downs. Not taking away from Mississippians, but this was the least support I've gathered from the states," Reggie Dee said. "Coming right out of Texas, I got escorted with police officers and in Louisiana, people even walked miles with us. With Mississippi, I'm just a little bit disappointed; though I know there are some good people in Mississippi, I just wish they would come out and support this cause a little more."

The 28 day journey was planned in advance; a certain number of miles are pre-planned for each route. Friday, the group will leave Hattiesburg and cover 56 miles toward Alabama. The trip will ultimately end in West Palm Beach, Florida.

"We've come through McComb, Columbia, and now Hattiesburg," Reggie Dee said. "The next trip is Mobile, Alabama and the home stretch is in Florida."

Even for those unable to physically walk with him, Reggie Dee hopes his journey will help make a positive change on the world.

"If you could change racism it starts with you, it starts with your family, it starts with your neighborhood, then your city, then your state," Reggie Dee said. "Everybody needs to come together. The only way to put racism in the ground, to bury racism, is to come together. We need to come together and support each other."

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