Jones County “Thrill Hill” blocked off

Jones County “Thrill Hill” blocked off

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Despite the fatal accident on Friday an area on Rose Lane better known as "Thrill Hill" received increased traffic over the weekend.

"People have actually been going over the hill at a high rate of speed," said Jones County Major Jamie Tedford. "We had several, several complaints from the residents out there."

Major Tedford said it was becoming a bad situation for the family members of the victims.

"Some had came by the crash site and was actually viewing where the crash had happened Sunday afternoon and another lady jumped the hill and almost caused another accident," said Major Tedford.

Due to heavy traffic and the recent wreck District 2 Supervisor Danny Spradley has now closed off the hill on both sides.

"It has been brought to law enforcement now that you know kids were going out there more often and stuff but it's things that you really don't hear about until that something tragic happens such as this," said Major Tedford.

No word yet on what the supervisor plans to do with the hill, but for now drivers are asked to take a different route.

"We just encourage the parents to try to take and emphasize to your kids how important that it is to keep your speeds down on these county roads at all times because you know incidents can happen," said Major Tedford.