Richton Elementary School wows at local competition

Richton Elementary School wows at local competition

RICHTON, MS (WDAM) - The Battle of parts, motors, and machines took place in Richton.

"Richton elementary school is hosting a Vex robotics tournament," said Tina Mozingo, principal of Richton Elementary. "It's our first time to host the tournament. We have two teams that have already qualified for the state playoffs and today we're giving other teams the opportunity to qualify for state."

On one side of the gym, there are little kids holding a small competition, and on the other side is the main event.

"Well you have to order the robot and it comes with nothing put together, you start from scratch and you start from the base and work your way up," said Jimmy McCardle, volunteer for the Richton team. "With motors and gears and sprockets and stuff like that."

"I just love driving and robotics," said 6th grader Brady Inmon. "I've learned a lot, like programming, engineering and building."

There are several local schools competing in the competition, but there's something makes Richton's team special. Everyone on the team is in the 6th grade, which makes them by far, the youngest ones in the competition.

"It feels good when I win because I know I'm much younger than them and they can probably do better," Inmon.

Coding and robotics isn't just for boys, they have girl programmers and drivers as well.

"Well I've been doing it for two years and it just looked real cool and when I started doing it, it was like really fun," said 6th grader Dacota Prine.

The adults view the activity as a great educational opportunity.

"This is called a stem program which science technology engineering and math," said McCardle. "Which is going to be essential to the future of these children education. I mean, they'll be able to do anything in life if they learn this well."

"As an educator, I want to do things to help my community and my students," said Mozingo. "I might not can bring a hard company like GM or Toyota to Richton, but I can teach my children to code and through that, they can have a future."