Two dogs, fighting ring found in Jones County woods

Photo provided by Southern Cross Animal Rescue
Photo provided by Southern Cross Animal Rescue

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Investigations into neglect and abuse animal cases led the Jones County Sheriff's Department to a wooded area Tuesday. The private property is located behind an apartment complex off of Hoy Road in Laurel.

"We had to go through a hike through the woods, broken glass, filth, debris everywhere just to get back here and then it opened up to these kennel areas," said Southern Cross Animal Rescue Heather Williams. "We get here and we find pens and evidence of a fighting ring and two very abused and neglect pit bull mixed dogs.

Photos taken by Southern Cross Animal Rescue shows how skeletal the two dogs are. 

"They both have thin hair from malnutrition, they're both extremely thin and emaciated in the body, dehydrated, full of intestinal parasites, then of course the black male dog we found had embedded pellets," said Williams.

Southern Cross Animal Rescue believes the two dogs were being used as bait to test other dog's fighting instincts.

"There's evidence of a fight ring," said Williams. "The circular enclosure, all of the wire that they would construct the fight pen is all there."

The makeshift dog pens were surrounded by emblems and also filth.

"The fates for these dogs were not good," said Williams.

Thanks to the Jones County Sheriff's Department, Southern Cross Animal Rescue and North Jones Animal Hospital, the two dogs will now have a better life.

"Instead of carrying with their tails tucked and their ears down, they're actually wagging their tails and jumping up looking for some attention and some love," said Williams.

There's still no information leading to who's responsible for this. Southern Cross Animal Rescue is asking for the public's assistance.

"We need their help to pursue this; you don't have to give your name and information," said Williams. "People need to understand silence kills if you have information and you're not sharing it there are dogs like these dying."

If you have any information contact the Jones County Sheriff's Department.

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