Joe's Viewpoint: Ray Rice Baltimore Ravens termination

I don't regularly comment on national stories, but this one struck a chord with our team. It concerns the news today that running back Ray Rice was fired from the Baltimore Ravens following the release of a video showing Rice back in May knocking out his then fiancé. Before today, we only had video of him dragging her limp body from the elevator, as if that were not enough. We can all continue to argue, as some have, that the two-game ban following the first video was too lenient. But now with this new video and more clarity of the incident we know that a more harsh judgment on the part of the NFL was called for. And in fact proper action was taken today as the Ravens terminated his contract. I am glad they took this action, but must ask why it took so long for this video to come to light. After all it appears to be the elevator surveillance video. Rice's actions were inexcusable and any acceptance of this behavior by any organization must not be tolerated.

This is today's viewpoint.