Meridian man changes vote-buying story; accuses McDaniel campaign

Published: Aug. 6, 2014 at 11:28 AM CDT
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A Meridian man has admitted to the Attorney General's office that he lied when he said the Thad Cochran Campaign gave him money to buy votes.

Stevie Fielder now says he was paid $2,000 and told what to say, and that McDaniel's Campaign Communications Director Noel Fritsch paid him.

We contacted Fritsch by email and he responded with this comment:

"Charles Johnson paid for the texts &  emails Saleem Baird - a Cochran and Wicker staffer - sent to Rev. Fielder that prove Cochran bought Democrat votes, which is consistent with Rev. Fielder's 20 minute interview in which he claimed Cochran staffers Amanda Shook and Kirk Sims paid $15 per vote on behalf of Thad Cochran."

When the allegations first surfaced in July, the Cochran campaign admitted to hiring Fielder to work in the campaign and paid him $300, but denied they hired him to buy votes.

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